Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Time Flies! I can't believe that this time next week my baby will be a year old. It seems like yesterday we were coming home from the hospital. I thought her first 4 months would never end (colic) but once we got through those time has flown. Lindsey and I took smash cake pictures this morning. She did OK. I got tickled because she would stick a finger in the cake and then look at me with her "am I in trouble" look. She didn't eat very much cake but she did demolish most of it. She wasn't to thrilled with it on her hands but she didn't mind it on the feet. I am getting the cutest of the pics printed to display at her birthday party therefore no pic will be posted. I have been planning her party for the past month and have now hit the last min detail mark. Most of her decorations I have made including tissue paper flowers, birthday banner and picture flower pots. I know she doesn't care what her party will be and will not remember it either but I think every mom wants the first party to be picture perfect.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Party Time

On Saturday we went to Pop's house for Papaw Frost's Birthday Party. Emma Kathryn enjoyed playing with everyone. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and Deb made a wonderful desert as always. We got my Papaw 3 seasons of Ax Men. He was thrilled.

On Sunday we went to Granny Wallace's house to celebrate Nana's Birthday. After we ate lunch Uncle Kenneth, Emily, Debo, Nana, Christy, Caleb, Me, Micah and Emma Kathryn went to Uncle Dewayne's house to watch the kids ride the horses. Uncle Kenneth saddled Blaze and Caleb, Emily and Emma Kathryn rode. She loved the horses. She wasn't afraid of them at all. She called them just like she does Zeke. She rode Blaze with Emily and of course, Uncle Kenneth lead him and Nana walked beside for an extra precaution. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day. Everyone at the Bozeman household did. On Sunday afternoon, Emma Kathryn stayed with mom so that Micah and I could go out to eat. We went to Firebirds in Birmingham and it was wonderful. Then on Monday, Micah, Emma Kathryn, Myself, Mark, Kristi, Zac and Mrs. Velma went to STIX in Fultondale. It was also wonderful. Emma Kathryn loved watching the cook. I was afraid she would be scared of the fire but she was mesmerized. Of course, being the wonderful mom I am I forgot the camera.
Now that Valentines is over it is time to start the birthday parties. We are going to eat at my Dad's house tonight for my Papa Frost's Birthday then Sunday to Granny Wallace's house for Mom's Birthday. Then next week is Abby's and Mackenzie's then there is Lindsey's, Papaw Wallace's and Emma Kathryn's. Let the fun begin!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Baxter Jones, my great and Emma Kathryn's great-great grandfather passed away yesterday at the age of 92. According to worldly standards he was a "simple" man. He was a farmer by trade who loved to crappie fish and rabbit hunt. The thing I remember him for was his yellow watermelons he sold each year. According to the world, these things wouldn't make him a very influential man, but influential man he was. He was proceeded in death by his first wife (Mattie Mae Porter Jones), his second wife (Kathryn Jones) and one son (Wayne Jones).

He had 10 children (one of which is my grandmother, Evelyn Frost), 25 Grandchildren (3 of which are Dianne Fowler, Phillip Frost and Christi Nelson), 65 Great-Grandchildren (5 of which are Chad Haygood, Heather Bozeman, Lindsey Frost, Syndey Nelson and Mackenzie Nelson) and 4 Great-Great Grandchildren (one of which is Emma Kathryn Bozeman).

Papa Jones may not have been a worldly man but he made a worldly influence. He had an influence on 104 people that were his immediate family. That's not including their wives/husbands or people in town every day. What a difference 92 years can make in a community.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Continuing On

I was made aware by an anonymous person that I left a few "Emma Kathryn Facts" off of my last posting. The first of those facts were that she is saying "Da Da". I wonder who that anonymous person was, ha ha. She also says "HI"when the phone rings and she holds anything, (phone, shoe, cup, bottle) to her ear. She also is waving bye-bye and patty-caking. I have a video of her playing her piano and dancing that is hilarious but due to my last video upload I am not even going to attempt to put in on the blog. Lindsey is coming over later and if she is feeling brave then maybe you will get to see it after all. She now also has 6 teeth and is working on number 7. She is in my lap and there is drool all over us both. I guess that covers it for now. Mom, Lindsey and Sara are on there way over. We are going to attempt the birthday cookies again. Maybe it will not be a disaster this time. Gotta Go!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We're Back

Look Mom, I found the toilet paper
Daddy and Emma Kathryn on her first tractor ride
Daddy and Emma Kathryn on her first tractor ride

Samuel, Jacob and Caleb riding the car hood

On our way to Aunt Teresa's house with Daddy

Christmas Eve Night, Sleeping under the tree

The Bozeman Kids during the Christmas Story

Me and Emma Kathryn at the Bozeman Christmas

Me, Micah, Emma Kathryn, Pop, D, Great Granny and Great PawPaw Frost

Me, Emma Kathryn, Aunt Lindsey, Maddie and Pop

After a scolding from my sister due to my lack of blogging, we are back. A lot has happened at the Bozeman household since my last failed blog.

We went to the beach with Nana, Coach, Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Josh and Aunt Sara for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day the weather was great. We went out to the beach and let Emma Kathryn play in the sand for a while. She had so much fun. That night Me, Lindsey, Josh and Sara went Midnight Madness shopping at the outlets. We got lots of great Christmas buys. Emma Kathryn stayed at the condo with Nana and Coach. Then of course came the AL vs AU game that no AL fan wants to remember. The only good that came from that day was that Micah came down and stayed with us until Sunday when we all headed home.
Emma Kathryn is crawling ( tried to post a video on my last blog but it failed to upload a million times so I quit trying), pulling up and now letting go, but no steps yet.

We had a blast during the very busy Christmas season. Emma Kathryn loved tearing the paper on her presents! She got lots of stuff including clothes, shoes, toys, and her alphabet train (the big toy from mom and dad). Micah and I laughed Christmas morning because after opening all of her new things she played with my old purse and his new socks, Go figure. We were able to see all of our family over the Christmas holidays and Emma Kathryn was a trooper through it all. We went to Pop's, Nana's, MawMaws, Great Granny Frost's & Great Granny Wallace's. It was wonderful to visit with all of our families and for Emma Kathryn to play with all of her cousins.

I personally also survived another Church Christmas Program. The kids did a wonderful job as always. It is a load of work to get the program ready but always rewarding in the end. Emma Kathryn has made it past the 20 lb mark so she graduated to a "big girl" seat. Micah and I also made the executive decision to turn her to forward facing. She has always hated to ride in the car and so far this has helped. It is much easier to keep her entertained when she can see where she is going.

She is finally sleeping through the night. It took some major adjustments but we finally made it. The first week it was a bit rocky around here because she cried in her bed a lot and I made her "cry it out" so to speak but it finally worked. She now goes to bed between 8:30-9 and she sleeps until around 6:00-6:30. She still wakes up in the night upon occasion but no where near as often.

She spent the night, alone, with Nana. It nearly killed Me and Micah but she did great. At the time this was much needed for us because she had been getting up all hours of the night. I love my baby and I don't like to ever be away from her but all parents know there comes a point where you have to rest. We were beyond that point. It was our own fault because we didn't want her away from us at night but now that we have crossed that bridge and survived maybe it will be easier to let her go the next time.

We have also started unintentionally weaning her from her bottle. She had stopped eating her meals so I decided to take away some of her bottle to see if it would help. I had planned to take away her morning bottle and just give her a nap time and bedtime bottle but she changed those plans because she never fussed for one. She went all day Wednesday and never fussed for her bottle. She even took 2 naps without it. I am still giving her the bedtime bottle but she doesn't even take all of it now. I don't think it will be long before it is gone as well. I am happy to get her off the bottle and elated that is has been so easy (nothing has been easy with Emma Kathryn until now) but it kills my soul to see her grow up so fast.

We took her out in the snow long enough to get pictures at Christmas and the last snow we had, (not today) but she didn't play in it. We went to Teresa's house and Emma Kathryn stayed inside with her while Micah and me played with The Kennedy kids and Vaughn kids. We all had a great time. We had snowball fights, (note to self "never snow ball fight with Samuel, Caleb or Jacob--they show no mercy)and rode on a car hood (yes I know, RED NECK, but a load of fun).
Emma Kathryn attended her first birthday party. Me, Lindsey and Emma Kathryn went to Birmingham to celebrate our cousin, Kathryn Wallace, first birthday. Kathryn was adorable as always. Jason and Farris did a wonderful job planning her party. Both kids and adults had a wonderful time.

Speaking of parties we have been planning Emma Kathryn's party. I have picked out the "theme", cake, and even made some decorations. I am working on a recipe to make for her treat bags. I have found some cookies with royal icing that I am going to make and I tried one batch that was a major disaster, but I am determined to get it right. The cookie was great but the icing was a big, big, big flop. Crazy me read the recipe wrong and instead of the 1/2 of tsp of a certain ingredient I put 1/2 cup. BAD IDEA. I am planning on trying again on Saturday. Wish me luck. I guess that has wrapped it up for now.
Emma Kathryn rode on the tractor with Daddy for the first time last week. It was a very short ride, from the back yard to the front but they enjoyed it.
Maybe I can do better about blogging, I am sure Lindsey will keep me on track (just kidding, I love you Lindsey :-)

Thursday, November 4, 2010