Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Time Flies! I can't believe that this time next week my baby will be a year old. It seems like yesterday we were coming home from the hospital. I thought her first 4 months would never end (colic) but once we got through those time has flown. Lindsey and I took smash cake pictures this morning. She did OK. I got tickled because she would stick a finger in the cake and then look at me with her "am I in trouble" look. She didn't eat very much cake but she did demolish most of it. She wasn't to thrilled with it on her hands but she didn't mind it on the feet. I am getting the cutest of the pics printed to display at her birthday party therefore no pic will be posted. I have been planning her party for the past month and have now hit the last min detail mark. Most of her decorations I have made including tissue paper flowers, birthday banner and picture flower pots. I know she doesn't care what her party will be and will not remember it either but I think every mom wants the first party to be picture perfect.

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